The contemporary world of electronic devices and social networks makes its own rules, and it is almost impossible to find someone who haven’t heard about the popular Instagram network. Many people say that it is a real addiction, but in fact it is a good chance to promote yourself and your brand. On Instagram, anyone has a real chance to become popular, and it doesn’t matter for what purpose, either for personal satisfaction or promotion of some product. But before you start earning, it is worth finding out the ways of successful promotion.


  • How to get many followers
  • More about hashtags
  • Hashtags for popularity

How to get many followers:

  • The page should be interesting

It is necessary to add maximum of uniqueness to your page, if it is a personal blog, it is important to think about every photo and a text to it. When visiting an account, future followers should have a desire to follow the life and work of this person in future;

  • Repost

If we are speaking of the brand or product page, it would be nice to collect photos of satisfied customers who post product photos or reviews in the account, you can find them by hashtags with the name of your blog;

This is perhaps one of the most important points. Instagram is, for the time being, the only social network where hashtags are good for the target audience, but you shouldn’t put too many of them, otherwise it will not look good. 6-8 most basic hashtags are enough, including the name of the brand and product;

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  • Mutual following

Do not forget to follow the existing customers on your own, and also to find a possible target audience and start following their pages, most Instagram followers will follow you in response. You can find them by thematic hashtags, or on the competitors pages;

  • Notify about your account

Do not forget about the possibilities of other social networks, so after creating an account on Instagram, you can leave a link to it on your other pages;

  • Contests

As the longstanding practice of Instagram has shown, contests attract numerous new audience and allow to keep the older one. At the same time, if one of the conditions of the competition is ‘making a repost ‘, there is a chance to gain interested followers as well.

  • Advertising

On Instagram advertising with well-promoted bloggers has become a popular topic; this feature is not free and you can learn more about it from the person you are interested in. The main thing is that the content of the advertised page is of high quality and attractive.

  • Regular posts

If the account is sluggish, and the photos there appear once a week, you cannot even dream about any progress, it is important to show the activity of your profile, providing users with fresh photos every day.

  • Purchasing promotion

It is not less effective and convenient item. If you do not want to spend a lot of time analyzing all the rules and subtleties of the social net, you can turn to the special services, so that in a short time you can achieve heady success, because real professionals will take care of it.

More about hashtags

As already mentioned, hashtags are a high-quality and effective tool for promoting your account. But how to choose hashtags that get you likes on Instagram? If you decide not to purchase promotion from special services, you will have to spend time trying and making your own mistakes

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Hashtags for popularity

  1. if your goal is getting likes, then tags with this word in Russian or English should be in the post, for example: ‘#likeme #liketime, etc.’;
  2. for attracting followers, you can use the mutual following tags: ‘#followforfollow #follow_me #follow4follow’;
  3. use all the three types of hashtags: high-frequency (more than 100 thousand posts), mid-frequency (from 50 thousand), low-frequency (from 10 thousand posts). Check them using the search line on Instagram.

Yes, promotion in social networks is not the easiest thing, for a start you will have to practice a little and deal with the principles of popularity, but after a little work, you can get a good return from your account.

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