Still using Instagram as a standard social network, where you can share original photos, interesting ideas and thoughts, post a funny video or tell about your emotional needs? Have you thought about the fact that this site can be an excellent place for making money? If you have ever had an idea of ​​monetizing your account, but you still have not done this for some reason, we suggest that you should do it right now, since we will share the most effective tips for making money.


  • Promotion of Instagram account – make the first step correctly
  • Is it worth buying followers?
  • How many followers are needed for making money on Instagram?
  • Effective methods of cheating
  • How will your life change after buying followers at the special service?

Promotion of Instagram account – make the first step correctly

Many people think that earning on Instagram is only possible by selling goods and offering services. But not really. It is enough to have a large number of followers so that the page starts bringing money, and it doesn’t matter what subject the account has, with the right approach it will help to become a source of income. The main task is to attract attention to yourself, receive a regular number of likes, comments and constantly increase the number of followers. How to do this with the incredibly severe competition? How to get 100 free followers on Instagram, if you are at the very bottom, and your account is bypassed?

To give it the right start, it is enough to buy followers. Even a small number of ‘start-up’ followers will show the rest that they are interested in your page, because every new profile visitor immediately pays attention not only to the number of posts and the quality of the content, but also to the number of followers.

Is it worth buying followers?

Promoted account can be equated to a blog. This means that it can be used for advertising, which will bring decent income. For this, it is not necessary to have hundreds of posts. Their number may not be too big. The ‘sharks’ of the Instagram add 1-2 posts a week and get huge financial profit from it.

The simplest solution would be to create a personal blog, not a personal page. These can be accounts for women’s topics, sports, humor, entertainment, etc. Such profiles are quite easy to promote and attract attention to, but in order to ‘head them into the world’, they will need a certain number of followers, who will attract more new ones like a magnet. Thus you cannot do without the minimum investment in the promotion of the account.

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How many followers are needed for making money on Instagram?

The level of earnings depends on how many followers on Instagram to get paid, you need to gain them as many as possible. Owners of very popular accounts can receive hundreds of thousands of rubles for an advertising space. But this result is not achieved immediately, while smaller numbers could be reached.

For the page to make profit, you should have the following number of followers:

– from 200 to 1000 followers. This number will allow to receive from 3 to 8 dollars for an advertising post;

– from 1000 to 10,000 followers can increase the value of the advertising space up to 50 dollars;

– with 10,000 to 100,000 people following you, a place in the feed will cost the advertiser up to 150 dollars.

Of course, bigger number of followers will increase earnings.

Effective methods of cheating

1. Cheating on your own. In this case, the increase of followers is carried out manually, i.e. when self searching. For this you should follow other pages, put likes to photo and video content, as well as to leave comments under the post that interests you. Choosing this method, remember that there is a limit on following and even likes number. Therefore, save your ‘zeal’ in order not to get banned.

2. Using special services for cheating. Such resources offer buying followers who will attract an extra mass of people.

These are the most common methods, but the second option is the most efficient one.

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How will your life change after buying followers at the special service?

By using the help of special services, you:

– save your time;

– get the desired number of followers;

– you are able to stay in a more joyful mood, which will allow working more actively and effectively. You will agree that it is more pleasant for you to login your account and see a growth of 10-20 people daily.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend long months or even years for a competent and successful promotion of your Instagram account. It is enough to follow a few simple steps to turn the page into a platform for earnings.

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