Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of our time. This is a great opportunity to share vivid memories with others or make your brand famous among the large number of people. In this article we will try to figure out how to gain 1000 followers on Instagram.

• How to attract followers?
• Examine potential competitors
• Account registration
• Post publishing
• Likes on Instagram
• Likes are the strongest weapon
• Hashtags selection
• Filters and photo quality
• Conclusion

How to attract followers?

Managing a popular account on Instagram is a real art. Therefore, below there are a few simple tips for creating high-quality, eye-catching content.

Examine potential competitors

First of all, you need to find out what exists already on your subject. To do this, find several thematic accounts and check the following:

• number of followers;
• popular posts and feedback among people;
• frequency of expected information;
• type of interaction with the target audience.

After conducting research, analyze the obtained data. Check the updates on the competitors’ accounts from time to time.

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Account registration

A social network page is the first thing that a new user interacts with. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following details

• keywords for search on Instagram – these are both nickname and login, they must be unique;
• bright and unforgettable photos in the account – they should raise the desire of a potential follower to follow the link;
• the description should disclose the main goal and value of the resource – use all possible means for this: emoticons or quotes by great people;
• add links to other resources, update them if necessary.

If at least one of the above items has not been done, it is recommended to examine your profile and make the appropriate edits. This is a small step towards further progress.

Post publishing

Add some posts daily. In this way, you stay active and of interest for your target audience. Posts can be different:

• under the photo with the post, ask a question prompting an answer;
• tell some story sharing your experience with others;
• write a good piece of advice that may help someone in future.
• show how your day goes.

Try to publish at the same time of the day. You can also use automated services for this.

Likes on Instagram

Some photos can collect only 10 likes, and others – 500. What is the secret? Let’s try to figure out how to get more likes on Instagram.

Likes are the strongest weapon

If you are new to this social network, try to be more active. Put likes on the pages of other followers, leave comments. Do not be afraid to like photos in return. There are users who will also put hearts and start following you.

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Hashtags selection

For any post, you can add up to thirty hashtags. With their help, the search for the necessary information on Instagram gets simplified. Use the hashtags related to your main activity, popular places or hobbies.

It is advisable to write them in the comments, and not in the post itself. Use hashtags that are popular among the users, and also try to come up with your own unique ones.

See what hashtags are used by the competitors, as well as ones your target audience is aimed at. Use those actively.

Filters and photo quality

Take unique and high-quality pictures. Try not to repeat them. More likes will be there underneath the unique photo. If its style repeats further, the number of likes will decrease significantly.

Use bright filters to attract attention. It is advisable to use other services with more extensive editing possibilities.


To remain popular on Instagram, be active. Constantly leave comments under thematic posts, share posts daily, use hashtags and other means to achieve your goal.

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