Some users consider TikTok a cool entertainment, where they can show themselves. Others indicate that using TikTok and watching such videos negatively affects the intellectual abilities of young people. What pitfalls are there in the popular social network?


  • What dangers are there in the service?
  • App
  • Unwanted advertising
  • Fraudsters
  • Is TikTok dangerous?

What dangers are there in the service?

Is Tik Tok dangerous? No more dangerous than other social networks, for example, Instagram. The threat may come not from the app itself, but from some users. The TikTok service is no different from other social networks in the terms of security.


What are the Tik Tok app dangers waiting for the user? On TikTok there is no account where you can transfer money, documents or other serious data are not stored there, everything placed by the user there is done voluntarily. Therefore, there is no big “profit” for the fraudster here.

The mobile app itself, apart from advertising, hardly hides any dangers. Besides, the annoying ads can be turned off if desired.

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Unwanted ads

Many users have a question: “How to remove tik tok ads android?” This can be done using an additionally installed app. It could be AdBlock32. To use it, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Go to the Google Play service and search for AdBlock32
  • Install the app to your phone, following the instructions on the screen
  • After installation, click “Accept” to accept the settings
  • The app will help reduce the amount of annoying ads and save Internet traffic


There is a chance of meeting fraudsters in the social networks. They can pretend your relatives, offering to transfer money to the account or sending links with the malicious programs. TikTok has secured itself and its users from such situations to the maximum. But there is no absolute guarantee in any social network.

Many users already know about such schemes and do not fall for tricks. As for the teenagers, there are so many of them on TikTok, such situations have to be controlled by their parents. There are special functions of parental control that can be connected to the mobile operator. Older people can get all the information about such shady schemes in the social networks and blogs not to get into trouble.

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Is TikTok dangerous?

No more than any other service or social network. There is no danger in TikTok itself; but it can be created by other users. The administration is trying to prevent such violations, as they are harmful for the service reputation. If dishonest users attempt to deceive or make any fraudulent actions against some user, contact the administration of TikTok immediately.